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Why Intensa?

  • 40 years of experience with proven results as a Spanish immersion school.

  • Our methodology focuses on intensive oral-communicative practice, to effectively achieve conversational proficiency through an immersive experience.

  • Our program is comprehensive, developing speaking listening and reading skills without neglecting writing and underlying grammar.

  • Dynamic and interactive Spanish classes.

  • 4 different locations in the Central Valley’s major cities.

  • Programs available all year round.

  • Intensa is an authorized DELE examination center.

  • Intensa is a Bildungsurlaub approved institution.

  • We have a committed and exclusive staff to support international students.


Costa Rica #1 destination to study abroad in Latin America
40+ years of experience
Over 9,000 international students

Why Costa Rica?

It proudly shelters 4% of the world’s existing biodiversity with almost 25% of its territory as protected areas.

Strategic location: two coasts, two seasons, an average temperature of 71.6 °F to 78.8 °F and a mountain range that creates micro climates and accommodates volcanoes.

It has the oldest and most stable democracy in Latin America.

Recognized as a country of peace, because of the inexistence of an army and the investment in education and health instead.

Neutral accent, making it easier for foreigners to travel around and benefiting those interested in learning Spanish.

Costa Rican’s hospitality

One of the safest countries in the region

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Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

“So, for me Intensa is a very good institute because it´s all about talking, and we can talk a lot. That way we get the confidence to talk in public. When I return to U.S. I will recommend this institute to my friends.”

Kristine Sadok, United States of America
Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

“I live in Costa Rica and I work with Spanish speakers. I am korean so I don’t speak Spanish, but the Spanish class is very interesting.”

Park Jun-Young, Korea
Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

“I did some research and found out that Costa Rica is a beautiful country, economicalyy stable and has a great culture to introduce to my students. Intensa’s spanish classes have been the favorite part of the learning process for my students.”

Tammy Zimmerman, Spanish Teacher, New York, USA