• Private lessons are offered in fixed packages or on-demand, providing flexible schedules and course content adaptable to your needs. You can take Spanish classes from 4 hours a week onwards.

  • This Spanish language immersion program provides flexible schedules and course content adaptable to your needs and interests.

  • You will work along with your Spanish teacher and the academic team at the Costa Rican school to set the goals you want to reach and define a plan to get you there in a timely manner and at a reasonable investment.

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Flexible schedule
Customizable lessons
Professor’s full attention
Faster progress
Number of weeks 3 hours / day 4 hours / day 5 hours / day 6 hours / day
4 $1430 $1750 $2170 $2595
3 $1070 $1310 $1625 $1950
2 $735 $920 $1135 $1335
1 $370 $460 $570 $670
Additional week $350 $435 $540


Available in the packages detailed above or on demand adaptable to your needs.

Cost per hour: $28.50. Minimum of 4 hours a week. Discount rate per volume. Request a quote with the specifications.

University credits available upon request.

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