Volunteer abroad while learning Spanish!

Intensa now gives you the opportunity to give back while you dive in to our Costa Rican culture through a language immersion program.

Gain experience, develop skills, network, make an impact and have fun doing it!

We have different opportunities depending on your interests:

Sea turtle conservation, sustainable living, childcare, communications, reforestation, ESL, social work among others.

Combine your volunteer work with a Spanish language program at one of the biggest and most experienced Spanish schools in Costa Rica!

University credits available upon request

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Sustainable living

This project started as a dream to have a physical space and a human connection in which people could learn that there are options to improve their lives, open their minds, come together to learn new skills and be more mindful about our environment and wellbeing.

This organic farm is located in the green mountains of San Pablo de Leon Cortés in the Los Santos region of Costa Rica, only an hour and a half south of the capital, San José. This project’s goal is to facilitate training and networking for everyone interested in bio-intensive agriculture, permaculture, cooking and nutrition, therapies and alternative healing methods, natural and sustainable construction, arts, rural and urban culture, and other initiatives that foster holistic human development.

Learn to look at the way we resolve our most basic needs such as food and shelter differently, gain knowledge in integrated health management, community involvement, creative activities and spiritual development for the maintenance of balanced and sustainable lives.


  • Organic agriculture

  • Composting

  • Medicinal plants

  • Vegetable garden

  • Healthy lifestyle

  • Meditation

Sea Turtles and Conservation

For over 25 years this project has been working on active conservation of protected areas, beaches and communities in Costa Rica, promoting socially conscious volunteering.

Nowadays they work as a bridge between society and natural areas for more people to take action and get involved responsibly and voluntarily for the conservation of Costa Rica’s natural and cultural heritage.

Get involved, live a unique experience and protect endangered species in one of the world’s most important nesting grounds!


  • Beach clean up

  • Nursery uphold

  • Beach patrols and egg recollection

  • Assist marking and measuring turtles

  • Nursery surveillance

  • Newborn liberation

  • Exhumations

  • Environmental education

  • Reforestation

  • Trail clean up

  • Community projects

Children’s home

In Costa Rica there is a large number of minors who don’t have the possibility of being upbrought and cared for by their biological family. Although the Costa Rican government’s efforts to solve the issue of abandoned underaged are significant, they need an extra hand from society to attack this problem.

That is how this children’s home was created, an answer to de-institutionalize children and give them the opportunity to live in an environment that reassembles the most to a family. It was registered with PANI (National Child Welfare Agency of Costa Rica) as an alternative of protection that provides temporary support to maximum 10 minors between 0 and 6 years of age who have been separated of their original guardians because they have been exposed to some sort of dangerous situation that puts their basic rights at risk.

Provide care and support for children in need through a project that has been running for over 35 years, looking to create a safe and loving place to live!


  • Entertain and play with the children

  • Conversation and language instruction

  • Care and accompaniment

  • Support in the home’s chores

Fight student exclusion

This project started to support young people in contexts of high social vulnerability in areas such as student exclusion prevention, employability fostering, quality education management and violence prevention; to provide Costa Rica’s youth with new opportunities..

Through this initiative you will work to build a more fair and inclusive society, empowering the youth who will then become real change agents.


  • ESL: student tutoring

  • Employability: support staff on vocational fair trips with students

  • Social work

  • Communication: translation, voice overs, editing


  • Motivation letter

  • Insurance

  • Reference letter

  • 18+ years old

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