General Spanish lessons in groups

  • You can choose between our 4 hour a day group Spanish classes or the 6 hour a day combined program (4 hours in a group + 2 hours private). Classes start at the beginning of every month.

  • The Spanish language immersion program at Intensa is characterized to be mostly conversational and you will be able to communicate properly in Spanish in different environments: personal and public.

  • This Spanish language group program starts at the beginning of every month (subject to a minimum of students) and is for a minimum of two weeks.

More information

2020 Spanish language group program calendar:

Number of weeks 4 hours/ day 6 hours/ day Combined:
4 hours group + 2 One to One / day
4 $1060 $1565 $1975
3 $795 $1175 $1480
2 $540 $785 $1010
Additional week $255 $385 $485

Group programs start at the beginning of every month (see calendar), they are subject to a minimum number of students to open and students must enroll for a minimum of 2 weeks.